Maximise efficiency & minimise compliance hassle

Streamline compliance activities with rMony, our fully automated gambling compliance system.

Effortlessly manage certifications, monitor regulations, and report on compliance initiatives, improving execution, quality, communication, workflow, and access across all markets.

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Safe & Convenient Application

rMony offers a safe and centralised platform to store all your regulatory certifications. Swiftly locate and retrieve certificates for specific suppliers or jurisdictions within a user-friendly application.

Fully Automated System

Whether you’re an operator, partner, or supplier, the process is seamless. With just a tap of a button, you can effortlessly store and distribute your certificates, as well as receive automatic reminders about their expiration dates and status – managing thousands of certificates has never been easier.

Decrease Regulatory Workload

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual certification handling and the need for resource-intensive homemade systems.

Embrace a solution that ensures no important regulatory or supplier deadline is overlooked.

This is the evolution of compliance management, optimising your processes and freeing up your valuable resources.

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Your challenge

Gambling markets around the world are constantly changing, and for businesses in the highly regulated gambling industry compliance is a huge headache.

Complying with various laws, standards, frameworks and regulations is a complicated, expensive and time consuming process.

Providing legal & technical assessments, internal & external audits, and certificate management for each market costs you money and resources that could be used to develop your business instead.

Our solution

Complianza’s rMony Compliance Management Solution centralises your compliance management activities, with a simple, easy to use Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution. rMony streamlines all compliance activities by centrally implementing all certifications and monitoring all market regulations with easy to use reporting on any specific regulation initiatives.

Easily set up your compliance programme using preloaded supplier certification libraries for all associated games, and receive the latest certificates from suppliers, remaining fully up to date with the gambling regulations in all your markets.

Compliance officers can quickly locate and retrieve certificates for specific suppliers or jurisdictions, allowing easy reporting & documentation.

Remain on top of all certificates with automated notifications on certificate expiry deadlines and changes in market regulations, helping you avoid fines and meet the most demanding market compliance requirements.

Define compliance to each market regulation easily with specific regulation notes, compiled alongside the market regulations for easy management and reporting. Changes in regulations are automatically updated and flagged, allowing constant compliance in all markets.

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Speak to an expert to find out how rMony can save you time and money.

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